When NJ 27 was realigned to eliminate a late 18th-century bridge at Kingston, NJ, that had become too dangerous for modern traffic, the bridge and this sign were preserved in a small part of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park.

An old New York river marker on NY 28 in the town of Delhi.

This directional guides traffic through a tricky intersection in downtown Hamilton, NY, where NY 12B makes a jog to the left to continue north to Utica.

Here is another example of New York's use of street signs as directionals. This was on NY 7 east of the village of Cobleskill, but was removed in the town of Cobleskill's transition to newer signs.


Typical of the signs that once dotted Union County, NJ, these markers are, after 70+ years of service, rather the worse for wear. The first is in Cranford at Springfield and Union Aves., one block from NJ 28/North Ave. The other two are at Michigan Ave. and Kenilworth Blvd. in Kenilworth.

Rocky Brook was dammed at Hightstown, NJ, to form Peddie Lake, associated with the Peddie School.

This sign is in the tiny Delaware River town of Riegelsville, NJ. There was probably a 1930s-era white sign here at one time, but its replacement has kept the old color scheme with a modern sign construction. The sign points toward a small bridge across the river to Riegelsville, PA.


John Fenwick led the first European settlement party in New Jersey's Salem County. The creek that bears his name flows into the Salem River at the city of Salem. I don't know of any other embossed body of water sign that has gold lettering, so I assume this one has been touched up so the name can be seen against the badly deteriorated background. The sign stands on NJ 45 North as you leave Salem.

Several New Jersey parks have retained this type of sign, which was probably originally painted with the standard black on white. Hacklebarney and Swartswood parks are in northwestern New Jersey.

Two more park signs. Washington Crossing State Park, which memorializes the Christmas Night crossing of the Delaware by the Continental troops and the surprise attack on Trenton, is in Central Jersey, while Parvin is in the tidewater area of South Jersey.

This old railroad crossbuck marked an industrial railroad crossing on NJ 29.

Several cross streets, including Main Ave., were elevated over US 46 when a bypass was constructed in the 1950s around Clifton, NJ. I don't know why the name is off center.

Similar to the signs above is this marker on US 46 in Ridgefield Park, NJ.

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