New Jersey

Like Cherryfield in Maine, Hammonton is located in a prime blueberry-growing region, in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The Italian Festival dates back to 1875. Hammonton has one of the highest percentage of residents of Italian ancestry in the country.

The inscription says "The Heartland of Sussex County". Hampton Township is located near Newton in Sussex County.

Hope was settled in 1769 by the Moravians as a part of a mission to the local Indians. By 1808, the Moravians had left, but Hope remains a rural community in the New Jersey Skylands.

Keyport, on Raritan Bay, is known as the "Pearl of the Bayshore," a reference to the town's thriving oyster industry from 1880 to 1920.

Cape May County lies on a popular migration route for birds and draws thousands of birders each spring and fall. The Garden State Parkway's southern terminus is in Lower Township. The original three townships in Cape May County are named Upper, Middle and Lower.

Manville has been restructuring its economic base since the 1986 closing of the Johns-Manville Corp. plant for which the town is named.

Enduro is a class of off-road motorcycle racing, usually a timed event. Mike Lafferty is a seven-time Enduro national champion who hails from the community of Port Elizabeth in Maurice (MOR-ris) River Township. The township is located in eastern Cumberland County, in New Jersey's Tidewater country. The Maurice River, which has been designated a National Scenic and Recreational River, forms most of the township's western boundary.

New Jersey

Johnny Vander Meer, a native of Midland Park, gained baseball immortality by pitching consecutive no-hitters for the Cincinnati Reds in 1938, the only man ever to do so in the major leagues.

Millville, in southern New Jersey, derives its nickname from the large number of holly trees once grown at the Holly Farm in East Millville.

Montague is the northernmost municipality in New Jersey. It's so far north that high school students attend Port Jervis High in New York State. The northern part of the township uses Port Jervis' zip code. High Point, the highest point in the state, is here.

Morristown is the location of a national park which commemorates the Continental Army's encampment here in 1777 and 1779-1780.

The primary community of Plumsted Township, New Egypt has retained many historic structures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The town, originally called Timmins Mill, became New Egypt when the miller Timmins had the foresight to stockpile grain in anticipation of future shortfalls, recalling the biblical story of Joseph and the seven fat and seven lean years. The Pyramid Masonic Lodge and Isis movie theater reflect the town's unusual name.

Newton is the county seat of Sussex case you hadn't guessed.

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