New York

"Heart of the Adirondacks" aptly describes Newcomb's location in the High Peaks area of the mountain range. Theodore Roosevelt was vacationing here when notified of President William McKinley's worsening condition from an assassin's bullet several days earlier.

Northampton is located in the southern Adirondacks on the north shore of Great Sacandaga Lake. The Village of Northville is the primary community.

Oneonta's nickname derives from its location in the Susquehanna River valley in the northern Catskills. The etymology of the city's name is uncertain, but may be a Mohawk term meaning "place of open rocks," a reference to the Tablerocks formation on the west of the city.

Perinton's extensive network of hiking trails earned it a place in the American Hiking Society's Top 10 "Trail Towns." The town is located in the northern Finger Lakes region. The town was named after Glover Perrin, the first permanent European settler, and his cousin Caleb, who surveyed the town.

Named after proprietor Oliver Phelps, the town hosts the Sauerkraut Festival in August.

New York

Pine Island's name derives from the annual flooding of the Wallkill River, which in the spring would surround the town with water. The repeated flooding created the rich, productive soil that became known as the "Black Dirt Region". The battle between farmers, who wanted to improve the flow of the river, and the millers, who wanted to preserve their mill dams, during most of the nineteenth century, became known as the Muskrat and Beaver Wars.

Plattsburgh's location 20 miles from the Canadian border on the shores of Lake Champlain accounts for this bilingual sign. The town was named for founder Zephaniah Platt. The city was the site of two notable American naval victories, the American Revolution's Battle of Valcour Island, where the Americans were commanded by Benedict Arnold, and the War of 1812's Battle of Plattsburgh, under Thomas McDonough.

The Beekman Arms has been operating as an inn since 1766. Rhinebeck is located on the east bank of the Hudson River, opposite Kingston.

Anglers fishing the nearby Beaverkill and Willowemoc often use Roscoe as their base of operations. The town was named for 19th-century Senator Roscoe Conkling.

Now a popular tourist destination, Saranac Lake is world-renowned for its facilities for the treatment of tuberculosis. Robert Louis Stevenson was a patient here; the cottage where he lived is open to the public.

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