Hereford Inlet

North Wildwood


Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, like Sea Girt, is constructed in the Victorian style and went into operation in 1874 in the Anglesea section of North Wildwood on Five Mile Beach Island. Often threatened by erosion, the lighthouse was moved to its present location in 1914 and remained in service until 1964, when it was replaced by the steel tower navigational beacon which can be seen to the right of the lighthouse in the middle picture. The lighthouse is also noted for its garden, which can be seen in the other two pictures.

Cape May

Cape May Point


Along with the light at Cape Henlopen in Delaware, Cape May Lighthouse has marked the entrance to Delaware Bay since 1859. Located at the southern tip of New Jersey, the lighthouse is surrounded by Cape May Point State Park, which includes the beaches in the photo on the right; the city of Cape May is in the distance. The houses of the borough of Cape May Point are seen in the middle photo.


Beyond Cape May Point to the north is Sunset Beach (left photo). What appears to be a rock in the water near shore (above and just to the left of the house with the tan roof) is actually the remains of a concrete ship, moored there to serve as a pier in an abortive 1920s attempt to establish a ferry to Delaware. A closeup of the ship can be seen in the middle photo. During World War I, several concrete ships were commissioned in an effort to save production of steel for armaments. Although the ships proved feasible, they were never used because of inefficient speed and were sold off after the war. Now part of the state park is Fire Control Tower 23, one of several still-visible remnants of World War II fortifications. This tower and several others on the cape were constructed to provide target guidance for anti-aircraft guns based in Delaware in case of an air or sea attack by Axis forces. In a 1988 photograph, the sun sets over Delaware Bay.

East Point



The second oldest existing lighthouse in New Jersey, East Point is in a rather remote location at the Maurice (MOR-ris) River Cove, an arm of Delaware Bay in Cumberland County. The two photos on the right show the surrounding area, the first looking southeast over Delaware Bay and the second north to the mouth of the Maurice River.

This 1988 photo shows the lighthouse before completion of restoration.

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